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Why Are Regular Health Checkups Needed For Sexually Active Adults?

Do you know why sexually active adults need regular checkups? In the modern world, discussing intimate health is still considered taboo. But the significance of regular health check-ups are crucial for sexually active adults. For, it helps to keep your sexual health well-maintained and can save you from different sexually transmitted diseases. Read this blog to learn how regular checkups can help a sexually active person stay healthy.

Understanding Sexual Health And Common Risks Involved With It

I know that sex is generally a topic that almost everyone tries to escape. But, having a conversation about sexual health has become essentially crucial to helping you overcome and avoid health problems through sexually transmitted infections.

As the best sexologist in Kolkata, I urge patients to talk about their sexual problems. So that they can be diagnosed early to mitigate common sexual risks that can develop over time. Saying that you might have a lot of questions about sexual health. But, what tops the list is why sexually active adults need regular checkups.

Sex health goes beyond just being an act, it encompasses the total well-being of a person, from mental, and emotional to physical factors. Thus, a sexual health check-up is one necessary step that can offer you a proactive life.

So, are you facing sex issues like sores, blisters, or genital rashes?

Our clinic of the best psychiatry in Dumdum can help you overcome sex problems by educating you on sexual health checks.

The Role: Why Sexually Active Adults Need Regular Checkups?

If you are someone who likes to stay sexually active, then, you must book appointments with your sexologist for regular health checkups.

The logic behind that is simple. Checkups can help you keep your sex life boosted, it also identifies if your sexual organs are healthy or not. And, if there is any underlying problem, your doctor can help you identify it and treat it in the early stages. 

But, before getting started with it, you must go through the different sexually transmitted diseases and how they can be passed on to you due to sexual contact.

A few of the STIs include:

  • Chlamydia

  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

  • Genital Herpes

  • Gonorrhea

  • Syphilis

  • Pubic Lice

  • HIV

  • Hepatitis

While sexually transmitted infections often give no symptoms or signs. But, if you ever notice any of these symptoms, then it is your time to consult a sexologist or get expert help to prevent it from growing. 

  • Unusual vaginal discharge

  • burning sensation or pain during urination or intercourse

  • Pain in the testicles or scrotum

  • Itchy genitals

  • Severe vaginal bleeding, and more.

Do you know that STIs can also be passed down through saliva and blood?

Well, that's right. If you are sexually involved with one or more people, then there are chances of you developing some type of STI. That can also get down to you through kissing, oral, and anal sex.

Now, the basic answer to why sexually active adults need regular checkups, is that it helps in shielding and guarding away common and severe sexual problems by timely identifying them. So that, you can enjoy your sex life while being healthy and satisfied.

What Can Sexual Regular Health Checks Help You With?

A sexual health checkup helps in determining if everything is alright with your sexual organs as well as your sexual life or not. But, sometimes regular check-ups involve tests that exhibit your sexual symptoms if any. 

You must always open up about your current health condition, sexual history, and medical history to your doctor. Before they proceed with your sexual regular health checks.

Do you want to know how can sexual regular checkups help you foster a peaceful and happy life?

Yes, regular checkups can help you with the following:

1) Early Detection Of STIs

Regular health checkups can identify sexual problems before they start taking a serious turn in your life. It will help you to screen the underlying causes of sexual symptoms. Thus, giving you time to take precautions, and medications, and help to avoid risk factors.

2) Treatment Options For Sexually Transmitted Infections

Screening for sexually transmitted diseases can help you get a variety of treatment options if detected in the initial periods. Whereas, the options for treatment narrow down if the sexual infections start to spread. 

For example, sexual screenings like mammograms can help you identify breast cancer early. Therefore, offering you time and treatment options to recover faster.

3) Treatment Cost

Visiting a doctor regularly or staying in touch with an expert can reduce your treatment costs as well. 

Suppose, you get detected with any STI symptoms in the early stage. Then, a few medicines or tests might help you overcome your sexual problem. Whereas, if you ignore your sexual problems or symptoms then it might grow into something bigger like pelvic inflammatory disease or cervical cancer. Which will not only cost you more money but the chances of recovery become less as well.

Now, that you know why sexually active adults need regular checkups. You must go through how often should you go for sexual checkups and tests.

When Should You Visit A Sexologist For Sexual Tests And Checkups

Do you have an active sex life?

If yes, then I can help you understand, how often you should visit a sexual consultant or need to run tests to know if you are leading a healthy sex life or not. It follows:

  • If you are infrequent in sexual activities with your partner. Then, visiting your sexologist or running tests at least once a year is enough to detect your sexual well-being.

  • If you are very frequent with sexual activities. Then, testing should also be done twice a year to avoid the risks of sexually transmitted infections.

  • If you have more than one sex partner, then you must consult your sexologist every three months.


Sexually active adults must understand that sexual checkups are not just a medical formality that they need to follow at any cost. Rather, it is an important step that can make your life fulfilling, healthy, and happy.

Consistent care of sexual health can not only empower you to lead a normal life. But can also safeguard your well-being. So, next time you feel any difficulty with your sex life, you know where to contact, right?

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