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Does The Behavioral Change In Your Child Are Signs Of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

If you sense any differences in your child's development or behavior that don’t seem like a normal child, then it’s time to consult an expert. Don’t delay this process as it could be a sign of autism. I understand your concern as a parent and that’s why today I am going to discuss with you how to spot the early signs of autism in your child.

In the past few years working as a child psychiatry doctor in Kolkata, I've witnessed countless stories of children having anger issues due to the lack of bond between parents and their children. However, when they found little care and support, they came back to normal lives.

Do you know what is the most disturbing thing for a parent?

When they see their child is not reacting normally and facing difficulty in social interaction.😟

I know how painful it is to see the apple of your eye in such a state. Watching your toddler grow each day is such a wonderful experience that can’t be described in words. Every child grows at a certain speed, but if you are noticing delays in reaching this milestone, it can be a red flag.🚩

Difficulty in learning, speaking and even socializing with other children of similar age groups is an indicator that you must take advice from the best child psychiatrist in Kolkata.

Early intervention is a great chance to make a significant improvement in your child’s development journey. So, if you are curious to know how to spot the early signs of autism in your child, continue reading this blog till the end. 👇

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What Causes Autism In Babies?

Being a parent, it’s common to have fear in mind when you see your child is not behaving normally. You may feel confused sometimes. It’s better to clear those doubts in your mind. Have you noticed your child struggling while talking or making friends?

These can be common signs and symptoms of autism.

According to the top neuropsychiatrist in Kolkata, autism is usually a neurological and developmental disorder in children. It can affect their social life. Some children with autism struggle with social relationships and communication, while others may have repetitive behaviors. The exact cause of autism is still not fully understood, however, it is most likely caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Another reason could be the low birth weight of the child or loss of oxygen during the birth. In some cases, pregnant ladies with obesity and diabetes gave birth to autistic babies.

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Identifying Early Signs Of Autism Might Help Your Child Thrive In Life

I still remember one such incident that has etched in my heart. 💔One of my friends called me and shared his concern regarding their child's development. They were facing a difficult phase in their life as their only child was unable to communicate and play with other toddlers at the age of 3 years. I observed the baby's behavior closely and the result was truly heart-breaking. Their baby was diagnosed with autism.

As you can imagine, this news brought a wave of emotions in their lives with certain questions, worries, and a deep desire to understand how to support the child on this difficult journey. 👪 But the best part of such a bad phase of life is that the toddler was at the early stage of the disease. So, recovery is not so difficult if provided with the proper care. They came to me for advice and support, and together we set out on a journey to understand and accept autism. That day I personally saw the enormous influence that early detection and intervention can have on a child's development as a result of this event.

[H2] Don't Lose Hope - Identify The Symptoms Of Autism In Children

Even though most children with autism are identified when they are older, you can detect symptoms associated with autism in your child, depending on how visible they are. Remember that every baby develops differently, but it's good to be aware of some signs of autism in babies that can stop their growth.

The common signs of autism are visible in the first 24 months of the birth. Let's find out the early warning signs –

Difficulties In Social Communication

Lack of interest in social interactions, such as not responding to their name or avoiding eye contact.

Difficulty engaging while playing or making friends.

Don't like touching and cuddles

Doesn't share interests with others

Lacking Of Communication Skills

Speaks in a strange rhythm

Make use of the same word every time while speaking

Answer a question by repeating it

Difficulty understanding simple questions and directions

Don’t understand humor or sarcasm

Difficulties In Non-Verbal Communication

A child may try to avoid eye contact in case of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Behaves like a robot, a face lacking any kind of facial expression

Children with autism spectrum disorder are overly sensitive or under-sensitive to lights, sounds, textures, or smells.

Other Signs Of Autistic Infants

Engage in repetitive movements like flap hands and lining up objects

Playing in repetitive or odd ways, such as spinning things or focusing solely on one toy

Becoming upset about very small things

Lack of fear and unusual eating habits

However, the presence of some of these signs does not automatically mean a child has autism. Early intervention and assessment by a healthcare professional is important for proper diagnosis.

What To Do If Your Child Has Autism?

If your child is diagnosed with autism, realize that you are not alone on this path. ♥️ First and foremost, take a deep breath and know that it's normal to experience a range of emotions. Get in touch and don’t let autism affect your child to achieve those developmental milestones. A human brain responds to treatment better at a younger age.

So, if you identify any of the symptoms mentioned above, visit our clinic as soon as possible. 🤝Early intervention can help your child live a better life. I will provide speech therapy, mental health counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, diet advice, and medication to help and support your child.

Hopefully, you have understood how to spot the early signs of autism in your child through this comprehensive guide. Now it’s your turn to take the right step to nurture and celebrate the incredible potential that resides within your child. Keep in mind “Autism is not a word to fear, but a new way to achieve extraordinary strength and limitless possibilities”. 👶✨

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