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Manage Effects of Alcohol Addiction With Kolkata’s De Addiction Psychiatrists

What Is Alcohol Addiction: An Overview Of Alcohol Dependence Syndrome

Alcohol addiction which is known as alcohol use disorder (AUD) can affect your life. Though you might not feel the effects of alcohol on the body initially. But the effects of alcohol addiction can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Along with your social lifestyle.

As the best neuropsychiatrist in Dumdum, we can say that there are several risk factors for alcohol use disorder. That involves destructive physical and psychological dependence on alcohol.

As a renowned De addiction psychiatrists in Kolkata, would recommend you avoid alcohol intake at all. Taking alcohol occasionally can also negatively impact making it an everyday habit. The effects of alcohol addiction can be both short-term and long-term. If you ever have tasted alcohol or if you are alcohol addicted. Then, you must have felt the short-term effects of alcohol after taking a few sips. It includes blurred vision, shortness of breath, drowsiness, nausea, faltering speech, and headache.

However, we will be covering the effects of drinking alcohol and how to deal with alcohol addiction treatment for you in this blog. Read on with us.

Catastrophic Effects Of Alcohol Addiction?

It is recommended by every neuropsychiatrist in Kolkata to not adopt the habit of alcohol consumption. However, if you decide to drink occasionally or in moderation.

Then you must adhere to the guidelines of CDCP. You must stick to one drink each day and not surpass the limit to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Though you might feel good and relaxed after consuming alcohol. This feeling might force you to take alcohol every day. And it can turn into a physical dependence on alcohol. Which we know as alcoholism.

Other than physical and mental turmoil. Separation in marriages due to the effects of living with an alcoholic spouse is another drastic social effects of alcohol abuse.

What Are The Mental And Physical Effects Of Alcohol Addiction?

To know the medication for alcohol addiction and how to deal with the consequences of alcohol abuse. You must first check if you are facing any of these physical or mental issues due to alcohol addiction symptoms.

Physical Effects Of Alcohol Addiction -

Digestive And Inflammatory Issues -

Are you facing digestive problems in the pancreas after having food? Are you feeling nausea and abdominal pain? Well, this might be the physical effects of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol can destroy the natural functioning of digestive enzymes that helps us to digest food. It can also heavily affect the liver, leading to chronic liver disorders like cirrhosis of the liver.

Impaired Nervous System -

Another devastating and long-term effect of signs of alcohol addiction is a weakened nervous system.

Are you feeling numbness in your feet and hands? This can be a sign of central nervous system damage. It can damage the functionality of the brain. Which includes irrational thinking, short-term memory, and speech disorder.

Complications In The Circulatory System -

Recent studies have found out. Alcohol consumption can lead to heart attacks and can increase blood pressure. You must limit your alcohol addiction. And should take help from expert de-addiction psychiatrists like us to manage drinking habits.

Lowers Sexual Hormones -

Are you facing an erection or orgasm problem while performing sexual activities? Then again, alcohol is the root cause of low libido and hormone production in males and females.

Excessive drinking can cause infertility in women while it hampers sperm count in men. In short, it damages the overall immune system of a person.

Psychological Effects Of Alcohol -

Mental Problems Due To Alcohol Consumption -

Alcohol can damage your phycological health if consumed over time. The damages include.

  • Insomnia or Sleeping Disorder

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Depression

  • Anxiety Attacks

  • Psychotic Disorder

Alcohol Dependency Syndromes -

If you are craving or your drinking habit has increased over time. Then, you might have adopted the habit of depending on alcohol. This can rupture your social and personal life as well.

The effects of alcohol on health are a never-ending list. If you find yourself in a tight spot while facing any of the above issues. Then you must immediately seek the help of de psychiatric treatments.

How Can De Addiction Psychiatrists Help Manage Alcohol Addiction?

De addiction psychiatrists are experienced, medical professionals. They have spent years treating substance abuse problems like drug and alcohol addiction. Dr. Krishanu Chakrabarty is among the top de psychiatrist in Kolkata who can help you manage addiction problems.

Personalized Treatment Method -

Doctors treating alcohol abuse have customized plans for each patient. They aim in treating them individually with plans like therapy, meditation, medication, detoxing, and a positive approach towards life.

Psychotherapy Treatments -

Another beneficial attribute of expert treatment is the cognitive-behavioral process. In this process, the expert helps a person dealing with alcohol abuse to understand the root problem of limitless drinking.

They aim in changing unhealthy lifestyles by finding healthy alternative sources of substance abuse.

Rehabilitation Centers -

If your de-psychiatric expert finds it necessary, then can admit you into a rehabilitation center. The supportive and stress-free environment of a rehabilitation center helps in improving individual substance abuse problems.

Controlling Addiction: The Journey Towards Light -

Overcoming alcohol addiction is not an easy process. It takes time, commitment, expert help, and willingness to change gradually.

While your expert de psychiatrist puts their best effort into recovering you from alcohol abuse. The output also depends on you and how you help them to identify and solve problems. The relief from addiction process includes:

  • Desire And Welcoming Attitude

  • Safe Detoxification Process

  • Individual Counselling

  • Group Therapy Session

  • Family Therapy Session

Concluding Statement -

While the effects of alcohol addiction are chronic. It takes only a little bit of hope and courage towards the willingness to change the unhealthy pattern of life.

With our expert psychiatric guidance and treatment, you can surely overcome this hurdle as well. Feel free to contact us on our website of Neuro Psychiatrist Krishanu to resolve queries.

Frequently Asked Questions -

When Do I Need A De Psychiatric Help?

You can understand the need for de psychiatric help and treatment. When you see yourself indulging in the habit of alcohol abuse and repetitive behavioral disorders.

How Can A Neuro De Psychiatric Expert Help Me To Deal With Alcohol Consumption Problems?

As a neuro-psychiatric experts, we help in improving individual’s life by making them stop taking alcohol. This includes a few methods of treatment like therapy, counseling, and medication.

What Are The Effects Of Alcohol Addiction?

Physical as well as psychological effects of alcohol abuse are adverse. It includes failed nervous, digestive, and immune systems. You can face serious health issues like kidney damage, failure of heart, respiratory problems, and anti-social behaviors.

Consumption of alcohol daily can also lead to the death of a person.

Can I Recover Completely From Alcohol Addiction Symptoms?

Of course, you can. A positive attitude towards life and a little bit of willingness can help you reduce alcohol consumption. While experts like us target to diminish alcohol addiction forever with therapy and medical help.

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